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Money Box

Metal cash box for POS, light, resistant and secure. Ideal for organizing cash, checks, coins or cou...

Double Screen Station

It is a fast and powerful POS system with a second screen that allows customers to initiate payment...

Card Terminal PAX S300

It is the ultimate integrated retail payment solution for multilane merchants who want to offer high...

Card Terminal A920

The A920 accepts a variety of payment methods, including contactless, QR code scanning, mobile and w...

Card Reader

The Augusta is a secure EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader that offers retailers an easy upgrade pa...

Digital Scale

15Kg/30Kg Electronic Balance Scale Barcode Label Printing Scale Digital Weighing Scale for Supermark...

Barcode Scanner

It features a large scanning window that offers superior performance. It can significantly reduce da...

Digital Screens

Surprise, innovate and improve. Our digital screens will allow you to reproduce the best images and/...

Indoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

Two Audio Cameras

Wifi Security System

4K Security Camera System

Receipt Printer

High-efficiency POS printer with auto cutter and fastest print speed: 250mm/sec. Easy to in...